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My name is Peter Barnes. I am founder and President of American Venture Marketing Inc., a Delaware corporation founded in 1985.

We are a global network of advisors that focuses on business development utilizing marketing strategies across multiple disciplines covering Strategic Partnerships on a Product or Corporate level, Recapitalizations, New Product Development and Acquisitions, Corporate and Brand Re-positioning, Investment Marketing Programs and IR Communication Plans.

We are working for clients covering a diverse array of sectors: Resources, Digital Media, Industrial Products in Security and Materials Verticals and Life Sciences, with a diverse range of Investment Funds in Tech, Healthcare and Global Asset management.

I have had over 30 years advertising and marketing experience serving major international companies in Melbourne, New York and London.

Transformation is our driver

  • Driving transformational growth through innovative Investment Marketing strategies and programs is our guiding goal.

  • In this environment, acceleration of growth often requires a mobile and agile organization working cross-functionally with a Global Network of Advisors including Analysts, Business Strategists, BD’s, Entrepreneurs and Fund Managers, to deliver a coordinated effort in response to new opportunities.

  • This in turn delivers substantial and highly energizing organizational benefits in terms of operational simplicity and clarity of business focus.

Global Reach

AVM Inc Milestones

  • EnTech Corp. startup for on-demand in-home movies in partnership with Jack Kelly Enterprises; subsequently sold to a private investment group.
  • First Australia Fund, Developed the business plan and implemented the going to market process underwritten by Prudential Securities, which piggy-backed the launch of the First Australia Prime Income Fund, raising over $1.2B ( now part of Aberdeen Funds Portfolio)
  • Talkback America: an interactive advertising joint venture with Time Inc, Utilized by major US packaged goods companies: Proctor and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Campbell Soup, SC Johnson, Kraft Foods. Sold to News America Corp.
  • Fetzer Wines: Advisor to Brown Forman on integrating this $100 mm acquisition. Developed strategic initiatives, positioning and marketing programs for National Brand restaging
  • Brown Forman: Identified the opportunity, companies and advised on negotiating distribution rights for first Australian wine brands in the US market
  • Sola International; Developed the first relationship marketing magazine for the eye-care business. Titled eye Q magazine increased retail distribution by over 35%.
  • Conde Nast Glamour magazine: Developed major marketing imitative to drive Tech brand ad sales; a “how to sell” Tech to women strategy that changed industry attitudes
  • Developed and funded the first fully automated on line freight management system for the spot freight market in the UK market. Sidelined in the dotcom crash.
  • Meredith Corporation: Developed major marketing initiative transitioning from Magazine Company to a Marketing Media Company across multiple multimedia platforms Recognized by Wall St Analysts as one of the most successful Publishing Companies in America.
  • Digital Media: MeBoxMedia Inc interactive video, The Social Media Magazine, DigiSyncBooks e reader and audio book, Spundge Content Marketing for Professionals



Peter Barnes

Peter has a 30-year track record of successful strategic planning, development and implementation of business, marketing and advertising programs with top advertising agencies. Management consulting for Fortune 1000 companies in US, UK and Australia. Extensive hands-on consulting experience in successful development of New Products, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Promotion Programs for clients in Media, Packaged Goods, Alcoholic Beverages, Financial Services, Mining and Technology.

As Founder/CEO of American Venture Marketing, Inc. (AVM) he has been instrumental in driving a wide range of successful brands for clients: Brown Forman Beverages, Colgate Palmolive, Conde Nast, PPG Industries, Meredith Corp., and Sola International

Adverting Background:
Geers Gross Advertising New York (listed on the LSE: President and COO instrumental in forming the company by the purchase and consolidation of 3 New York Agencies with over $200mm in billings; servicing clients: Fuji Film, Brown Forman, Kraft Foods, Ralph Lauren, Welch’s, National Car Rental, The Hearst Corporation and the Coty Division of Pfizer.
Darcy McManus & Masius New York: Senior Management Colgate Palmolive, Wilkinson Sword,
Grey Advertising New York: Senior Manager Carter Wallace and Director of the Pacific Region
Grey Advertising Melbourne: Managing Director HJ Heinz Co., Boots Pharmaceuticals
Lintas Sydney: Account Supervisor on the Unilever / Rinso brand, the # 1 selling laundry detergent in the Australian market.

He is a graduate of Scots College, Sydney.

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